Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catching up

Catching Up

With all the interviews I've been running lately, I've accumulated a few notes and reviews I'd like to include here. Many more reviews to come and soon.

# Dear Ed,

With a sudden start, I realized I forgot to list an out of print writer whose work I admire. It’s the late William L. DeAndrea, and if it’s not too late, I’d love to have you add that to the interview. And if it is too late, maybe you can mention him on your site.

Best, Linda Barnes

# The latest Hardcase Crime is Richard Powell's Say It With Bullets and it's a lot of easygoing, witty fun. The copyright here is 1953. I remember the Powell name from my high school days but I don't recall ever reading a book of his. If all of his novels are this larky, I wish I'd caught up with them a long time ago. This involves a bus trip and a guy trying to figure out which of his war buddies shot him and left him behind, presumably dead. Lots of bodies, some very deftly portrayed sexual tension with a tour guide, and excellent dialogue. He can be tough and funny at the same time. In places he walks right up to parody and then wisely backs away. No small accomplishment.

# Otto Preminger's The Fallen Angel is out this week on DVD, starring the melancholy and always believable Dana Andrews and the gorgeous and elusive Linda Darnell. She always played women with secrets and this film is no exception. I actually prefer this to Preminger's Laura, mostly because I can't stand most of the characters in that film except of course for Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney. The Fallen Angel is less rommantic, a true streetwise noir, with Andrews as a bitter grifter and Darnell a sleazy lady looking for a good ride out of the bad burg she lives in. In places this has the feel of a Billy Wilder noir, The Big Carnival maybe, with that almost giddy sense of hurtling toward oblivion. As always Charles Bickford shines, here as a cop not afraid of violating every civil right a suspect has.

# Beginning with the August issue, I'll be writing a monthly column that spotlights various mystery-oriented blogs. If yours isn't mentioned in the first column, know that I have limited space and will get to yours sooner than later.


Blogger Mary said...

Ed, David Feherty, a golf columnist, makes me laugh just as you do. Here's a quote from him that caught made me think of you.Feherty is responding to the following email.Mary McManus

Just started to read the columns and emails. Didn't know you gave up the drink. Good for you. As a guy with an Irish ancestry, I have seen both the good and bad side of the sauce. The old man was 20 years sober when he dropped dead but still had a good time in life. I gave it up for over a year and a half. It didn't quite stick with me, but I learned that thing they call moderation. As the brilliant Homer J. Simpson once stated, "Alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems." Take care, the columns and emails are great.
—Matt Monahan

Wow, thanks for cheering me up. What am I supposed to do now, drop dead or start drinking again? Only the Irish can convince you of how lucky you are that you’re being hanged with a new rope. Thanks for the kind words, I think.

6:58 AM  

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