Thursday, February 02, 2006


Thanks to Jerry Healy we lead tonight with a truly witty remark by one of my favorite congresspeople, Charlie Rangel:

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who is African-American, was asked on
TV what he thought about the president.

"Well," he said, "I really think that he shatters the myth of
supremacy once and for all."

Vince Keenan wrote to ask what my impression of Japanese horror films is thus far. Mixed, I'd say. Some of the films everybody's excited about seem to me overpraised. But when they are character-driven, as the best of them are, they strike me as generally superior to what we produce in the U.S. The original Ring worthy of Polanski, I think, while the two gangster films I saw don't come close to the richness and spectacle of the early John Woo, if I may include an Oriental who isn't Japanese. These are crude impressions, Vince, based on just a handful of films. I wish I had access to more. A final note--their trash is every bit as boring as our trash.


A lot of blogs are treating Christopher Fowler as if he's brand new. He's actually got a number of novels and movies behind him. He used to be categorized as a horror writer, though that never struck me as fair to him or fair to horror. He's one of those writers who's largely unclassifiable, though his excellent Bantam novels fit comfortably into the mystery slot.


I mentioned the dearth of Fredric Brown reprints. I'm now in contact with the agent who handles the estate. He's looking into the rumor that there will be no more Brown novels from the Stewart Masters group. There are at least eight Brown novels I'd like to get back into print.


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