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Pro-File: Sandra Scoppettone

Pro-File: Sandra Sandra Scoppettone

From Sandra:

Gender: female

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Occupation: Author

Location: Southold : New York : United States

About Me

I'm a full time writer and have published nineteen novels, 5 for young adults and the rest are crime for adults. I've also published 2 books with Louise Fitzhugh ... the best known is Suzuki Beane. I used to live in New York City but since 1998 I've lived on the North Fork of Long Island.


The Yankees computers reading

Favorite Movies

The Grifters The Godfather

Favorite Music 40s music

40's music

Pro-File: Sandra Scoppettone

1 Tell us about your current novel.

In June, Too Darn Hot will be published. It's the sequel to This Dame for Hire which was the first in a series featuring Faye Quick. She's a P.I. in 1943. Her boss has gone to war and she takes over the agency.

2. Can you give us a sense of what you're working on now?

I can hardly give myself a sense of what I'm working on now. By that I mean I'm writing a crime novel in a way I never have before. As I wasn't writing a 3rd Faye quick novel and I didn't want to sit around and I didn't have an idea I devised this process. I found a list of 50 film noir titles on the Internet. I copied them and pasted them into a word document. Then I printed it out and cut each title into a strip of it's own, threw them into a box and then picked one out without looking. The first one was Asphalt Jungle. So I sat down and started writing with the title in mind, not the film. I let it dictate to me. And before I knew it I had a character, setting and action. No story though.

As the days and titles went on I got more characters who told me their stories and eveything began to happen. I won't say fall into place, because I'm not sure that's happened yet. I still don't know what's going to happen or how it's going to happen, but I have almost 70 pages of people I'm interested in and a glimmer of where I want to go. I think it's the kind of crime novel I always wanted to write and didn't think I could. Maybe I'll find out I can't.

3. What is the greatest pleasure of a writing career?

Being on my own schedule, not having to answer to anyone on a daily basis, and doing what I love to do. Telling stories. I like the hours, too. I'm not a writer who writes all day, never have been. I write about 3 or 4 hours 5 days a week.

4. Thegreatest DIS-pleasure?

Never knowing when I'm going to have to reinvent myself again. Not having money I can count on.

5. If you have one piece of advice for the publishing world, what is it?

Stop paying huge sums of money to 5 or 10 writers. Spread it out. Don't overpay the smaller writer either because you'll probably be disappointed and the writer will be left in the lurch.

6. Are there two or three forgotten mystery writers you'd like to see in print again?

Liza Cody, Marc Behm and ....I know I'll think of another the moment I send this off.

7. Tell us about selling your first novel. Most writers never forget that moment.

It was a YA novel. I'd written about 4 adult novels before this and they'd all been rejected. My agent submitted my YA to Harper & Row (that's who they were then) and I got the call in 24 hours. I was making dinner. I threw it in the garbage and we went out. I thought it was always going to be like that.


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