Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pro-File: Andrew Coburn

Pro-File: Andrew Coburn

Andrew Coburn is one of the three or four best crime fiction writers alive today. Most people who’ve read any of his novels—from the bestselling The Babysitter to his current novel On The Loose—will agree. While he has always been more widely read in Europe than in the United States, it’s hoped that with the reissue of some of his key novels here, he’ll win the popularity he has so long deserved..

1. Current novel. It's about a boy, born with a bent brain, that murders two women. Who do we blame?. Do we sue God? And which God? The Christian one or one of the others?

2. Current project. Collection of short stories. Finishing one called "Egg Yolk," about a man born with a hole in his height and cuts his wife down to size. Another is about a Roman Catholic priest and a woman assistant district attorney who meet on a nude beach.

3. Greatest pleasure of a writing career. Being more or less my own boss, moving more or less to my own tune, and being more or less at my own beck and call.

4. Greatest displeasure. Realizing how much time I didn't spend with my four daughters.

5. Advice to the publishing world. Publishing world is a money world. Would a conglomerate listen to my advice?

6. Forgotten mystery (crime) writers I like to see back in print. George V. Higgins. He created dialog much imitated and never equalled. I'm sure there are others, but they immediately come to mind.

7. Selling my first novel. For two years I tried unsuccessfully to sell it on my own; then I lucked out when a editor at one of the publishing houses steered me to an agent, who sold it (The Trespassers) within a month. To Houghton-Mifflin. My wife and I did a dance.



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Andrew was Dr Murphy's star pupil in her freshmen english class at Suffolk University's Spring semester's 1954 homecoming for Korean War Veterans, most of whom were attending courtesy of the U.S.A.'s G.I Bill. Did she forsee what influence she would have on Haverhill's future favorite author?

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