Friday, February 03, 2006

The James Frey mess

Stephen King has an excellent piece in the new Entertainment Weekly on the Oprah-James Frey dust-up. He speaks as a recocvering alcoholic and druggie. As do I.

As you know, I read the rehab section of the book a few months ago and knew immediately the whole book was probably bullshit. Ridiculous macho posing. I pretty much kicked alone but I wouldn't recommend it. I did it that way because I can handle being around a lot of people and rehab was nothing but people. I went to two AA meetings where they told me if I didn't go through their program then I wasn't realkly sober. Which I resented. My girl friend of six years had moved out and I was hanging on by my fingernails ad I wasn't up for some asshole trlling me that my seven years of total sobreity didn't count.

But I'm all for seven step programs. I've personally driven at least half a dozen people to AA meetings and taken them into rehab programs. It's tough work, what these folks do who work with addicts. I have a college friend who's been working as a drug counselor since we got out of college thirty-some years ago. Shes neither burned out nor cynical. The Catholic church is always looking for saints apparently. I'd nominate Laura.

The worst thing about the Frey story is that despite him admitting to so many lies--his book is still selling.


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