Saturday, February 04, 2006


Bill Crider made some good points on his blog the other night--i.e., mystery readers seem to love historical settings unless that historical setting is the old west. I've never understood that either.

This afternoon an old friend of mine who started full time writing about the same time I did called to compare notes on the market today. She's had two or three successes above and beyond merely making a good living. But she wondered how it is that graphic porno in the female fantasy romance field has become such a hot item. I tried to get through one of them myself once but found the writing god awful and the humor on about an eighth grade level.

Makes me wonder why porno in books for men isn't more popular. The Internet?

I've mentioned this before but there's a bookstore around here where the guy who owns it berates his customers for buying certain books, much like the great Jack Black character in High Fidelity who reuses to sell certain CDs because they offend him. Only the bookstore guy's pomposity isn't funny like Black's.

I've seen a lot of arguments lately among writers about used bookstores. Are we putting ourselves out of business by doing business with them? The fact is, I do most of my book buying on line these days, about 30% of which is used books. Any opinions?

I'm told book clubs are in decline. Is there any segment of publsihing that ISN'T in decline?


I usually avoid politics here but this one I can't let pass by--the latest attempt by the bush people to drag us back into the Dark Ages. This is from the best political blog on the internet, Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshal:

This stuff really is amazing. It's not just evolution that's beyond the pale anymore. Bush administration campaign flacks are making NASA employees put the word 'theory' in front of references to 'big bang' in NASA publications. Lucky we can still talk about dinosaurs.

It sounds broad brush but facts, empiricism really have become an issue of the day.

-- Josh Marshal


Blogger Bill said...

If it hadn't been for used bookstores, I'd never have managed to get so many great books by Fred Brown, Harry Whittington, Day Keene, and on and on and on. So if people buy my books at a used bookstore, I can't really complain a lot.

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