Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Misery Junkie

One of the later Rockford Files had Jim coming home to his trailer to find his father watching the 5:30 news. It was an unending roll call of misery, treachery, injustice and greed. Rocky, as I recall, punctuated each story with a sigh, a garbled comment, another sigh. Jim asked him how he could watch this "litany of misery." Rocky stuck up proudly for misery jumkes everywhere. I'm feeling like a misery jukie today and I should be feeling at least somewhat better now that the surgeon has decided I don't need spinal surgery after all. But I cruised all my usual political sites today and the process really got me down. There's a pic of a young woman, presumably a coal miner's daughter or wife, that has the effect of a bullet to the brain. I don't think I've ever seen grief and despair portrayed with such angry force. I want to hold her, say something to her that matters, each time I see the pic. God does she need help. Then bushie wiggles out of honoring the no-torture ban and Cheyney talks about how the war has really started going our way. And a noted economist says a recession is already underway. I have a bunch of Laurel & Hardy tapes. I plan to spend the rest of the day watching them. Misery Junkie signing off.


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