Saturday, December 24, 2005

Various Stuff

I got a little overexburant last night about all the good things that had happened to me in the past five days. Technically, it should've been nine or ten working days.


Just got my review copy of the new Stark House double book--for which I'm a free-lance editor--Violence is My Business and Turn Left at Murder by Stephen Marlowe. Max Collins notes that the first chapter of Violence is mandatory reading for anybody serious about writing crime fiction and I agree. It is a masterpiece of mood, suspense, mob psychology and true terror. And the following chapters are just as good. And Turn Left is one of those seedy, gripping noirs that director Jsoeph Lewis did so well. Reserve your copy now. It's way past time that Stephen Marlowe be acknowledged for all he's contributed to mastterful suspense fiction. Marlowe also contributes an enertaining and enlightening essay on the perils and pleasures of writing directly for paperbacks back in the `50's and `60's.


I see that the Brits are going to continue on with the Inspector Morse TV shows--even though Morse is dead. His sergeant will now become the lead figure in the series. Interesting to see how that turns out.


For those of you who like Hitchcockian suspense novels as much as I do, be it known that one of the true classics of the genre is now back in print. I refer to Patricia Macdonald's tense, spooky, breathtaking nail-biter The Unforgiven. This is one of those books you want to read straight through, foregoing even sleep.


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