Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sad news tonight

Ed here: Anybody who ever spoke with Elmer Grape for even a few minutes realized that here was a gentleman of the old school, funny, kind and bright. Our condolences and prayers are with Jan.

From Jan Grape:

With a heavy heart I must tell you that I lost Elmer, my wonderful
husband,friend, companion, sweetheart, partner and chief supporter on
Dec. 29th. A bowel obstruction surgery went fairly well, then
surgical site broke down, second surgery to repair on Wed, seemed to
do fine, then heart, lungs and blood pressure could not stay stable.
Doctors fought all day Thursday. Elmer fought all day Thursday. We
were in Dallas with all our kids and grandkids when this happened on
the 23rd. He was in VA medical hosp. in Dallas. Late Thursday (29th)
doctors had exhausted all means of helping him. Nothing else could
work. And would only prolong with no good outcome. He'd have been on
ventilator permanantly or dibilitated even more. He would not have
wanted that. Our children and niece and my sister were all there and I
made the decision to withdraw the medication. He was heavily sedated
and was in no pain.

By his wishes he will be cremated and there will be a memorial service
to celebrate his life (in 2-3 weeks) but I don't know details yet. I
will let everyone know. If you'd like to write a short note sharing a
memory or funny story of Elmer I will make sure it's read at the

Trying to find small blessings, he was not sick long, only 7 days from
onset to end. He did not have to live in any diminished capacity. He
was in no pain. We spent 3 fun days with all our kids and grandkids.
We bowled on Wed. 21, with 3 of the grands and our daughter and her
husband and he bowled 2-200+ games. Elmer was fine and had a great



Blogger Leazz said...

Hi.. sorry to hear that. I know how it feels... my husband to be passed away on the 27.12.05 and he is in Germany we are looking forward to meet each other on the 30.01.06..but... all our dreams are shattered.... you may visit my blog - leazz.....

12:38 AM  
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