Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feeding my head (remember Grace Slick?)...

I don't see why we can't live in peace with these dudes...

MULTAN, Pakistan - Nazir Ahmed appears calm and unrepentant as he recounts how he slit the throats of his three young daughters and their 25-year old stepsister to salvage his family's "honor" — a crime that shocked Pakistan.

The 40-year old laborer, speaking to The Associated Press in police detention as he was being shifted to prison, confessed to just one regret — that he didn't murder the stepsister's alleged lover too.

Hundreds of girls and women are murdered by male relatives each year in this conservative Islamic nation, and rights groups said Wednesday such "honor killings" will only stop when authorities get serious about punishing perpetrators.

(Ed here: the last guy who killed like this was given PROBATION!!!!!)

Reading Joy House by Day Keene, maybe his best novel ever. Was made into a French movie with Charles Williams (!) writing the screenplay. Two Gold Medal giants on one project.

Last night read a long story by Somerset Maugham called The Pool. I have a brother-in-law who lived out the basics of this story, man meets native girl, marries her, brings her back to UK/US and watches his life go completely to hell. Man, what a powerful tale this is. I don't care if Maugham was considered of The First Rank or not. The sumbitch could write stories almost like nobody else.

Just got the new Hardcase Crime title, Night Walker by the one and only Donald Hamilton. Will review it right here tomorrow night/


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