Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brain Death

I baby sat my six year old grandson P.J. this afternoon. As usual we went to the movie store for a video. There were three movies he wanted but none were available. We settled for a Power Rangers.

Based on what I saw I have to say that I fear for PJ's generation. I have never seen--and I'm not exaggeratinbg--one hour and twenty-five minutes of such brain killing junk in my life. There is no through story. There are just incidents of the Power Rangers doing battle with various papier mache moinsters in the Mothra mold. Many of the scenes in one encounter are cribbed for moments in a later scene. Even within themselves there's no real drama--there're just battles.

The worst western ever produced by Monogram or PRC had to be more intelligently written and acted and dressed than this one. The special effects, such as they are, consist of two explosive bursts that resemble 4th of July fireworks with a smoke machine standng by.

But again, the worst aspect of the whole thing is that fact that it lacks even an attempt at narrative coherence and characterization. I have never played a video game and don't intend to but I have a feeling that I had a introduction to video game narrative patterns this afternoon.

The kicker is that PJ went to sleep after about an hour. Real exciting stuff.


Blogger sb said...

I have a 5 year old son, he's a ticking time bomb for that stuff. The Power Rangers are like candy for his mind. That said, having made the mistake of buying the Power Rangers movie, and he being four at the time (last year) I managed to do the world a favor and "lost" the motherfucker where one hopes it shall never be found.

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