Thursday, November 24, 2005


From Done Deal, the listing of movie script sales:

The Beast In The Jungle
Log Line: John Marcher, who believes he is destined for a special fate, waits for this fate to occur rather than living life. Ultimately he is left a broken man.
Writer: Edward Ricourt
Agent: Maura Teitelbaum of the Abrams Artists Agency
Buyer: She Spun Films
Price: n/a
Genre: Drama
Logged: 6/20/05
More: Based on the Henry James short story of the same title, copyright 1903.

Ed here: Wow! Even though this is my favorite Henry James story, I can't imagine how it came to be scripted. You should look up the story, which is for James pretty linear and emminently readable, because if you do you'll see what I mean. I remember seeing a director on TV saying that he'd always wanted to film The Bear by Falkner. That would be only slightly more problemmati, structurally, than The Beast in The Jungle.

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