Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Movie Guides on the net have started to amaze me. I suspect some of them are put ons. What else can you think when you see a site that gives The Hidden five stars (and I love The Hidden) and Fatal Attraction one. Or that gets downright sentimental about the movies of Roger Corman but finds Fritz Lang pictures "boring."

I'm all for democracy. Everybody's entitled to his or her opinion, of course--I'd never say otherwise. What am I, a commie? But if some of these sites aren't a put-on then they're written by eleven year olds presently housed on the violent ward.

I say this because I'm looking for DVDs to buy as Christmas gifts. I usually stick to familiar sites but I thought I might discover a few off-trail ones containing a gem or two. Earth Girls are Easy gets four and a half stars?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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