Monday, November 07, 2005

Letter from Will Cosgrove


Over the past few years you've turned me on to a lot of books, dark ones (I'd never even heard of Malcolm Braly before you started pushing him) and light ones. Thanks to you I'm now collecting all the A.A. Fair books by Erle Stanley Gardner and loving them. Are you still reading them? I remember you read just about every kind of fiction there is.

Will Cosgrove

Ed here: As I've mentioned many times before, I read across the board. Last week I read half of Raymond Carver's Collected Stories (will finish the rest soon--wonderful stuff), all of Flappers & Philosphers (I actually own a battered first edition) by F. Scott Fitzgerald, several comic books, the Keith Ablow I reviewed last night and, as it turns out, today (waiting all day for my car to be fixed) The D.A. Cooks A Goose by Gardner. The D.A. books are sort of noir-lite in their way, much like the material Gardner wrote for the early black Mask, modern western setting with a really intriguing puzzle. There's a lot of writing in these. This was, presumably, before he learned to beller into a dicta-phone and forsake description of all kinds. Gardner's A.A Fair books and now his D.A. series are among my prime entertainment for light reading. And then there's always Rex Stout and the Bernie Rhodenbarrs.

Because of James Reasoner's post on the Silverberg/Lesser Ace double space opera, I searched through an old box of twenty or so doubles I own and there it was. I'll be reading that soon. I checked a Richard Russo novel out of the library today, too. I also plan to get to the new Joyce Carol Oates novel. I know this makes me sound like a fast reader. I'm not. I just spend a lot of time turning pages.


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